I used to live right off the Grand Central Parkway – last exit before the Triborough Bridge (I refuse to call it by it’s new name). Needless to say, there is ALWAYS a TON of traffic getting off because otherwise you are heading straight to Manhattan or the Bronx.

Yesterday, while we were caught up in the chaos, I sort of started to gaze out my window. Our car doesn’t have a radio (hasn’t had one for like a year at this point) which means you can’t really get distracted from where you are.

And I saw this.

And I thought it was so beautiful (in an urban sort of way). I’m so far removed from this view these days. The town I live in is very small town USA – very picturesque. But this picture is who I am on the inside, you know? I lived in Astoria for 25 years – it’s sort of in my DNA so to speak.

When I saw this little shot, I told Bill to NOT drive the car no matter WHAT – even if the traffic began to move. I scrambled for my camera and snapped it. Cars behind us weren’t thrilled with my sudden burst of creativity… but I didn’t care. We only crept up a few extra feet. What’s the difference?! 🙂

Anyway – I guess the point of this post is to act as a reminder. Find beauty wherever you are – because it’s all around us.

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