Pretty smart. Pretty. Pretty smart (sorry – doing a Larry David impression)

When I worked as a business consultant for Accenture, I used to take my lunch to work a few days a week. More times than not, I would forget to bring a fork and knife and it would annoy me to NO END. It’s not a BIG deal – I get that. But when it happened, it most certainly was an inconvenience.

Over the weekend, I was introduced to the Klip It To-Go set – a storage set with a few fab features. Not only do the lids SNAP on tight, but there are utensils built into the piece.

Klip It To-Go comes with the following:

  • soup container w lid
  • breakfast container w lid, insert, and spoon
  • salad container w lid, insert, dressing tub, knife, fork
  • lunch cube

Whether you are bringing soup, salad or a sandwich… this is a GREAT set to own!


It’s compact and easy to assemble.



What do you think???

Available as HSN.

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