No – that’s not me. But it will be in a few months!! I am fr-eaking out but am SO excited about the Down and Dirty Mud Run. They are ALL over the country – so you don’t have to be a North Easterner like me to take part.  It’s a 5K and if you know me that’s almost impossible. Ok… it is COMPLETELY impossible. But I have no intention of breaking any records. I just want to go out, get dirty, and have a few laughs.

Can you imagine how crazy this is going to be?! I mentioned a while ago that my friends and I started up a samurai fighting club. Well, this is one of our first adventures!! How insane!

I’m already thinking ahead — what are the things I’m going to need?

Spandex pants that I don’t mind throwing out at the end of the day.

Waterproof Mascara – no I’m not joking. You KNOW I’m thinking this through 🙂

REALLY STRONG deodorant like Secret’s clinical strength sport because I have a feeling the run will challenge me to no END

A great sense of humor because I am going to make a FOOL of myself

A sports bra! I need to be as comfortable as possible while making a fool of myself.

A waterproof camera. I need some time to purchase one – but I NEED to document this whole thing!! Do you have a waterproof camera?? Which do you own???

Anything else?! HELP ME! Should I get one of those fanny packs? To carry the camera in? What am I not thinking of???

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