I didn’t write about it much because I couldn’t HANDLE EVEN THINKING ABOUT IT. My son bashed his two front teeth in a week or so ago and it looked like they were going to get pulled. After x-rays at the dentist etc, we were just WAITING for them to turn black.

But somehow… they sort of reset and are not really as loose anymore.

I almost don’t want to write this because I feel like I’m going to jinx him. UGH. I’ve been a WRECK over it. I can handle almost anything – except seeing my kids in pain. I shut down and become completely useless.





I’m pretty sure I’ve permanently scarred him in some way. “STOP RUNNING. LOOK WHERE YOU ARE GOING. TAKE YOUR SOCKS OFF. HOLD ONTO THE RAILING.” I was straight up psychotic.

The only BAD thing is they’ve settled BEHIND his bottom row. So, they are now positioned in a funny way. You can sort of see it in the pic above. But they are just baby teeth – so I’m not going to go crazy, right? Or should I?

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