The last time I went to Carmine’s for dinner I think I was with about 15 people. That’s really how you should do Carmine’s!! You eat like there is no tomorrow and you share everything on the table because it’s family style dining.

But yesterday, Audrey and I couldn’t resist the call from Carmines. It started out as a whisper… LOL!


I mean seriously – check out this pasta dish! Penne ala Vodka. I believe it was somewhere around $30. And if you had 6 people – this would certainly feed you all!! But it was just us last night. We were THIS CLOSE to grabbing some people waiting to be seated to ask them to join us. 🙂


This waiter was SO FRIENDLY AND NICE. The entire time he had a huge smile on his face and was very personable.


He even offered to take a picture of us without asking! Now that’s amazing service – especially for a blogger!!! haahahhaha


This is the kicker. At the end of our meal, he came over and said whenever he saw beautiful women… he had to give them a kiss. And then put a Hershey’s kiss in front of each of us. HOW SWEET!

If you are planning a visit to Times Square in the near future… GET A RESERVATION FOR CARMINE’S! And while I didn’t order it last night – the stuffed artichoke is the best you will EVER HAVE. I still dream about that appetizer! But it would have been crazy to get it with just 2 people at the table.

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