It feels SO OFFICIAL! My very first cruise and it’s happening later this month. I am so very excited about being part of the Disney Fantasy Inaugural Cruise. I’m going with a fantastic group of women – the Traveling Mom crew! Not only am I going to have fun testing out this new Disney boat, but I’m going to be attending a travel conference with my peers. So very excited!!

Have you cruised before? I have to call my doctor to see about getting the patch! I’m so very nervous about getting sea sick. If you’ve worn the patch, did you find it worked for you?

I’m letting all of that go. For now, I’m going to push my worries aside and keep telling myself there will be calm seas. THERE WILL BE CALM SEAS. Say it with me people!! 🙂

I need to get all my cameras in order because I want to document every INCH of the Disney Fantasy ship. I’ve heard such amazing things!

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