I LOVE getting together with CVS to do video work. We always have a really fun time. They know I will get as campy as they want. If it means hopping around a store with bunny ears… I’m IN. LOL! Obsessed with their brand.

Yesterday, we filmed a video to highlight some of their upcoming Easter deals. We put together two baskets for the kids and shot both at my local CVS and in my house. You don’t realize how much work goes into a 2 minute spot – especially when you’re filming at two different locations.


Here’s one of the baskets we put together. After we assembled them, I did some voiceover work which I always find so amusing because I have that New Yawk accent!! I tried my hardest to tone it down… but some words are just unavoidable.

Oh – and try to say the word liberally. Talk about a tongue twister for me…

After we wrapped, my kids levitated towards the baskets. I don’t know how long I can hold them off but I’m going to try. I’m pretty sure they are just sitting around the table waiting for me to give them permission to rip them open. Maybe tonight after dinner… there’s NO way those baskets are lasting until Easter. NO WAY.

PS – wanted to thank TJMaxx for sending over the shirt I’m wearing!! They heard I was filming some videos this week and lent me some clothes for the day. Very thankful for that!!!

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