I have a TERRIBLE memory. My friends and family can attest to this. It’s borderline embarrassing. Ok, it’s TOTALLY embarrassing. I don’t know why I am the way I am, but I have become a list maker to combat this deficiency.

This means that when I am out and about – I write on my hand.

This means my desk is filled with post-it notes.

This means a lot of things get forgotten… and then I have to deal with the consequences.

I take daily migraine medication because I – unfortunately – suffer from them frequently. And there are times when I FORGET to bring my pills with me while traveling. This is a PROBLEM because I can’t use over-the-counter alternatives. I need the HARD STUFF.

My solution? A printable checklist. It’s important and it’s EASY. Right before I begin to pack, I walk over to the computer and I print it out. Check. Check. Check. And I’m safe. This also means I’m never without my chargers, my camera, my dry shampoo and my flat iron. It’s all on there and it works with my life.

There are a few great ones online. Instead of reinventing the wheel, check out these options and see if any of them work for you:

  1. One-Page Packing Checklist
  2. Simplify 101
  3. Go Fox Travel
  4. Travel Smith – I like this one
  5. Caribbean Travel Checklist
  6. EagleCreek Travel Checklist
  7. Pictured above is not free – it’s $5.95

Don’t feel like printing and storing paper? There are a ton of iPhone apps that can act as a Travel Packing Checklist. Do a search and enjoy the digital alternative.

For me, there is NO other option. Too many times I’ve been stuck without things I absolutely need. The travel checklist gives me peace of mind when I’m away from home.


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