Remember how scared I was to take a tour around LA by myself? Well, now I’m an old pro! Without a second thought, I sought out one of the local horse and carriage tours around Charleston, South Carolina. The good people over at Restoration on King advised me to use ‘Palmetto Carriage Tours’. They even comped my ticket!! How nice of them!

I followed directions and found myself in front of the Big Red Barn – the start of the tour.

They run every half hour or so and I believe adults were about $24. In the waiting area, I came across this sign. Pretty funny. 🙂

We all got into the buggy and off we went. Our first right onto a main road but us right in front of this huge flea market. There are 4 or 5 of these buildings filled with handmade arts and crafts. If I have time tomorrow, I am most certainly going to find my way back to this area.

A quick turn onto Church Street – and off we went! Since these carriage tours are so popular, they each get assigned 1 region to visit. We were slated “region 1”. Not really sure what 2 and 3 offer, but the tour guide said it didn’t really matter.

The houses were so beautiful – especially those by the water. I snapped this picture so I could remember to talk about the shutters. The tour guide said shutters on the first floor were always solid because during they day, home owners would typically keep them close to prevent street dirt from flying into their house. The second and third floor shutters were never solid because they wanted to be sure to let the breeze into the house to help cool things off. Entertaining also used to happen primarily on the second floor.

Thought that was neat.

I’m a sucker for a pretty tree… and I was in my GLORY. I just about jumped out of the carriage when I saw this park.

Lots of history about each house – all of which I do not remember specifically. However, I did notice quite a few flags representing the South pre-Civil War. The tour guide said many of the homes raise flags that pay homage to particular troops. Most troops had their own flag to represent their unit.

And I saw A TON of working lanterns How cool is that?!

And then… the heavens opened up. And then… I got soaked. The tour ended a bit earlier than planned and I walked back to my hotel in soaking wet flip flops and jeans. Thank goodness I always pack extra clothes! For once, my craziness paid off.

If you want to see better pictures of the tour, click here to visit Palmetto Carriage. There are a few amazing spots that I missed – like Rainbow row for example.

When you go away, do you like to take tours? Bill and I won’t leave a city unless we do. 🙂

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