Yesterday,  I had lunch in South Carolina with a group of writers while attending an Infiniti Press Preview for the JX. I’ll post more about the actual locations we visited later on this week. Today, I just wanted to give you a look at what I was served. This is lunch? Really? On what universe!?

When that waiter put this plate in front of me, I instantly became full. There was NO way I was attempting to eat this – especially not in front of 15 or so strangers. I made an attempt to cut through one of the ribs – but even that was an impossibility.

At one point, several of my new friends started to snap pictures of the dish because even the men admitted this portion was a bit… much. 🙂

I ended up chowing down on my sides – cornbread and mac n’ cheese. Nothing like an all starch lunch to get you ready for bathing suit season! LOL

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