I hate checking baggage when flying these days. There’s nothing worse than the carousel waiting game. Did my bag make it? Will someone steal it? Did everything open up inside while it was being mismanaged?

Yes – I am a person filled with anxiety.

If I can help it, I bring everything I need on the plane with me. Makeup gets tricky because you can’t really bring everything you own due to the restrictions placed on liquids. So… I improvise.

Here are 3 make-up must haves (that also travel well)

I know I’ve talked about this product a few times already, but I really like it! The Covergirl Aquasmooth Compact Foundation has everything you need for a flawless face… minus the liquid component. Mirror and sponge are also include.

Another favorite is Clinique’s Eye Cream Shadow. I dab a little on my lids and use my fingers to smooth the color out onto my lids. You can even do this in the car at a red light. I’m all about the easy…

Lastly, waterproof mascara is a MUST HAVE when beach bound. I might not wear foundation to the beach… but you better believe I don’t leave my house unless my lashes are properly primped.  Be sure to try Lancôme Définicils Waterproof Mascara.


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