I don’t pick what restaurant I dine in based on whether or not the eatery serves chicken fingers. I don’t need a kids menu to feed my children and I think they are better eaters because of it. I’m not saying I shove pig hooves down their throats, but I do make sure they are open to tastes and cultures that aren’t served through a drive thru.

Last week, the family and I had lunch at Azerbaijan Grill. For around $10, we enjoyed pita and dip (it’s blander than tzatziki sauce but pretty much the same thing), a salad or soup, and your main meal.



Because my husband is a lover of cheese, he ordered feta drizzled with honey and walnuts. The kids loved it! I stole half of it and crumbled it over my salad. 🙂


I opted for chicken souvlaki with white rice while my husband ordered lamb. I have no idea why I didn’t take a picture of his plate?? Anyway, the kids and I shared my lunch. There was PLENTY to go around. I cut up the tomato and onions, and we each had a few pieces of chicken. Delicious!

If you live on Long Island, the Azerbaijan Grill in Westbury. The atmosphere is… lacking, but the food is well worth the trip.

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