I actually attempted to book a service on The Disney Fantasy Cruise earlier today, but unfortunately they were sold out! I did get a chance to walk through all of the rooms though (and try acupuncture – will get to that in a bit).

The Disney Fantasy Cruise’s spa offers much more than nails and hair appointments. Seriously! You can get your teeth whitened, have acupuncture, enjoy a couple’s massages and more!

You thought I was joking about the teeth whitening right? For a half a second, I couldn’t believe it either. And then I thought to myself… WHY NOT? This is Disney after all.

Several of the spa’s specialists were in the lobby to talk about their treatments. I was sort of half joking about the anxiety I was feeling about being on the ship to one of them. The acupuncturist decided to help me out and placed two little stickers on my ear with metal balls attached. She told me to push down on them whenever I felt queasy. I practically kissed her feet that’s how excited I was about what she did!

Then she asked me what else bothered me and I told her migraines! She put a needle in my hand (which I didn’t feel AT ALL by the way) and told me that acupuncture is great for migraine sufferers. I didn’t have time to do a full treatment with her, but she most certainly planted a seed. I’m going to look into this more when I get home.

Back to the spa –

We passed the teen only section (yes, your teen daughter has special services waiting for her) and headed straight to the adult only section. For $16, you can take advantage of this area and it’s well worth the money. These chair/beds look out and over the end of the ship. What a view!

You can also enjoy one of two jacuzzis as well for the fee.

Want to get a body scrub? No problem!! You can make your own at the Disney Fantasy Spa. There are a ton of natural products to choose from. Talk about a customized treatment.
Continuing on with the $16 deal, you can also take advantage of several showers – each offering a different water experience. There are also saunas, steam rooms, couple’s massage areas, seaweed wraps, chocolate facials. AND MORE! Check out the thumbnails below to see all of the Disney Fantasy’s wonder including the gym and the seaweed wrap table!

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