Man… I wish I could have a bed like this! LOL! Natalie is such a little princess. She actually sleeps with her eye mask and actually has one for her doll too. 🙂 It’s such a great time for me as a mom. Moments like these are just so precious.



My poor son is going to lose one of his front teeth. The right tooth is grey and slowly turning black. I think it’s a lost cause. I feel so bad for him!!! I tried to get a pic of it – but as you can see I failed. You can SORT of SEE IT in the first shot.


But back to the good. My hallways are slowly filling up with art. Bill and I took the kids to Michael’s last week and picked up some supplies. Each morning, when the kids wake up, they run to their arts and crafts corner and get busy!! Natalie is making an effort to recreate her entire class. Apparently, everyone wears pink and purple. 🙂

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