Picture this. You’re out with your family having a wonderful time and your phone dies. Ironically enough, your husband’s phone dies too. Moments later… your camera battery dies.

It’s as if we were transported back to the Ice Age.

I sort of looked at Bill for comfort and advice. What do I do? How can I NOT document every waking second of my children’s lives? It’s embedded in my DNA. Here’s a better question:

If a fun moment happens and no one films it… did it ever really happen? I mean – come on now!!!!

Yes, this happened yesterday. But all was not lost. I was able to snap a few good pictures of my little ones having a great time. Still… it felt really strange to be without my third and fourth child. 🙂

How addicted to technology are you? Be honest! Would you freak if your camera AND your phone did at the same time?

And PS- you know I charged everything up the second I got home. LOL!

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