Last night, after a very long day out with the kids, I asked Bill if he would sleep in another bed. I was SO TIRED that I just wanted to go to sleep sideways and not worry about holding to my side of the bed. I thought it was pretty funny because I instantly remembered watching an episode of ‘I Love Lucy’. For some reason, this particular show made an impression on me. It showed Lucy and Des retreating to separate beds when they went to sleep.

I specifically remember asking my mother WHY they had two beds? I thought it was insane. Isn’t it funny how certain moments of your childhood just STICK with you?

Anyway, last night, as I spread out and got comfy, I started to giggle because I remember thinking as a child – I WOULD NEVER SLEEP IN A SEPARATE BED WHEN I’M MARRIED.

And yet here we are!

Did I mention I slept like a baby? 🙂

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