I spent about 10 hours yesterday catching up on work / deadlines and then used the rest of the day to get the house reorganized. There were clothes EVERYWHERE. You know how it is when you go away for a while. It’s complete chaos. Well, while I was tidying up the bedroom (which was 90% my clothes by the way), I kept hearing Bill singing a song – over and over again. And I started to time it. It started at around 5:30pm and didn’t end until a little after 9.

Not only was he singing the same song over and over again… but he was singing the same two lines over and over again because those are the only ones he knew.

Over and over and over and over and over and over again…

and he does this all the time! He just repeats himself for the entire day. Finally, I walked up to him and I said PLEASE STOP! PLEASE!!!! You’ve been SINGING THE SAME DAMN SONG FOR 4 HOURS. PLEASE STOPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP

It was like TORTURE. And instead of realizing that perhaps his actions were a tad bit annoying, he rolled his eyes at me like I was in the wrong. I almost imploded… but I was happy that he went on mute, so I walked away ignoring what just happened.

I mean seriously, imagine hearing the same two lines for 4 hours straight.

Does your husband / boyfriend do anything like this?

Here’s the song in case you were interested –

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