I ran a few errands yesterday morning and when I returned, the children were practically shoving me into my bedroom. They then screamed “April Fool’s MOM”  and then guided me towards a breakfast of tea and Pop Tarts. I asked them what they did to trick me because I wasn’t seeing it… and they said that they made me breakfast.

Um Ok… that works? LOL!

I think Bill and I didn’t explain April Fool’s Day as best as we could. Either way, the Pop Tarts were awesome and my tea was just right. Score. 😉

Did you do anything fun on April Fool’s? Did anyone trick you???

I made a pregnancy announcement on Facebook and so many people believed me! Despite the date! My mother even got a few phone calls from family members. Too funny. 🙂

What’s even funnier is I’ve been doing this same joke since I was about 14 years old – and no I’m not kidding. Every single year, my mother would break down into tears and I would watch her in disbelief. Really Mom? Again?! You fell for it again!!! hahahahahah

This year, she didn’t fall for it – but so many of her cousins did. Always a pleasure.

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