I went to get my shellac manicure yesterday (I’m still so very much in love with it) and I wanted to go dark. A new color came in which was a grayish black and I opted for the shade for this week’s design.

Well, the woman looked at me like I had 6 heads.


Um, yes it is. Why are you even offering it as an option if it’s no good?? I literally had to fight with her for a good 2 minutes before she “caved” like AS IF she had any say to begin with. Then, I was sitting there the whole time sort of steaming over the whole thing. I thought it was comical that I had to beg this woman to acknowledge my right to use this nail polish! Can you imagine?!

Has this happened to you before????

Meanwhile I LOVE THE COLOR! I don’t get why she was flipping out over it. 🙂

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