I’ve spoken before about my intense love of coffee and once again, Keurig has raised the bar for at-home coffee brewing options with their new line of machines and portion packs, the Keurig Vue.

The new Keurig Vue adds three major features: Bigger, Stronger and Hotter. Bigger: The Keurig Vue machine gives you the option to use special bigger Vue-packs that allow you to brew a full travel mug of strong coffee in one shot. The sleek design also allows you to fit a large travel mug under the brewer so coffee on the go is fast and easy. Stronger: The new Custom Brew Technology lets you brew each cup of coffee stronger or regular to suit your taste. Hotter: The Keurig Vue has an adjustable brewing temperature that allows you to customize the brewing to create your perfect cup of coffee.

Have no fear, the new Keurig Vue system is in addition to all the great existing brewers, not as a replacement.

One of the coolest features of the Keurig Vue machine is the new cappuccino option. Yes, you read that right, CAPPUCCINO! The Keurig Vue machine offers a two step (two portion pack) process that first brews steamy, frothy milk and then espresso that gives you the perfect cappuccino at home for a fraction of the cost and none of the mess of a milk frother. I am a regular latte drinker and I was blown away by how good the Keurig Vue cappuccino was.

One of the other features that I am loving about the new Keurig Vue machine is the recyclability of the Vue-packs. The new Vue-Packs are made with #5 plastic that can be recycled wherever #5 plastic is accepted. Click here for more about how and where to recycle Vue-packs in your area.

The Keurig Vue machine retails for $249.95 and can be purchased at www.keurig.com or at Bed Bath and Beyond.

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