I always joke with my husband that two kids is our limit because I refuse to purchase a minivan. NO OFFENSE to anyone who owns one. I don’t really mean it when I say it. It’s just my way to make light of our situation. The truth is I have severe complications with my pregnancies. As some of you know, I was hospitalized for 2 months while baking my last child. He’s healthy thank the LORD, but I realize that I probably shouldn’t roll the dice a third time. Who knows if luck will be on my side once again???

For those of you who have more than two children or are just looking for a little more space and flexibility from your SUV, you NEED to check out the Infiniti JX 2013. I had a chance to test this puppy out first hand while down in South Carolina and fell in love. Not only is the design sleek and sexy, but it’s functional as well.

Before you begin this review, please remember that I am not a writer who specializes in the automotive industry. If you are looking for detailed information about horsepower and torque – you’re on the wrong blog. This view is from a mom and this review is for my mom readers.

Imagine having enough space for an adult to climb into the third row without having to uninstall your baby’s car seat. YES!!!!! It’s true! This alone is reason enough for me to stand behind this darn car, but that isn’t the only thing I enjoyed about the Infiniti JX 2013.

Let’s break it down…

Infiniti Personal Assistance:

The tag line is anything…anytime, anywhere. That pretty much says it all, doesn’t it?  It’s a 24 hour personal concierge service and I had a chance to test it out for a month. You don’t have to be in the car to call in. When registering for the IPA, you lock in a phone number to your file. This way no matter where you are – Infiniti will be able to help you.

Plenty Of Room

The 7-passenger luxury crossover has enough room to satisfy any of your daily needs. Both the second and third row push down providing you ample space for just about anything. The Infiniti JX 2013 actually won best in class for interior volume!

Luxury Meets Functionality

The car offers a number of upgrades including but not limited to:

  • Optional second row heated seats
  • The ability for second row passengers to watch/ play different shows / games on their TV screens. Dual outputs = less fighting 🙂
  • 3rd row access (as mentioned above) from both sides of the vehicle
  • Tri-zone climate control (driver, passenger, back of car)
  • Available second and third row moonroof
  • Available Bose Cabin Surround (uses less of your cargo space while providing top of the line sound system)

 Built In Safety Features

The Infiniti JX 2013 definitely had mom in mind when factoring in new technologies surrounding safety. Here are some highlights:

  • Lane Departure Warning – the car beeps when you veer out of your lane. Have you ever had a late night when you were perhaps a bit too tired to get behind the wheel? The car will auto-check you and make sure you stay where you are supposed to be. (PS – if the beeping gets too annoying, you can easily turn this feature off)
  • Intelligent Brake Assist with Forward Collision Warning – I had a video of this and my camera DIED. I am so upset that I don’t have this to share with you because it really was amazing. Basically, if you get too close to an object as you are backing up – the car will break for a split second to nudge the driver to brake fully. It’s a GREAT feature. Sometimes, you don’t see everything and this car has the ability to make you aware of anything in your blind spot. I know someone in my town who (sadly) killed her son while backing out of her driveway. I kept thinking of her during the presentation. If only all cars had this alert.
  • 360-degree view around Infiniti JX: Love this! The monitor will show you what’s happening around your entire car using radar and sonar sensors. There’s even a Moving Object Detection alert that lights up if the car detects any movement near it. A light will turn red to correlate with wherever the object is going. We tested this out by walking around the cars while a driver watched the monitor.

Infiniti Connection – Google Calendar: 

I’m going to rock your geek-tastic world with this one. If you are anything like me, you will levitate when you hear that the Infiniti JX can synch up with your Google Calendar. With one click you can get directions to all of your meetings. Prepare everything you need the night before and then hop in the car in the morning knowing that you have all the directions you need to get your errands done. Hello LOVER!


Create Driver Zones – for teens and valet attendees:

Another SUPER AWESOME function. Have you ever gone to a restaurant and wondered if the valet took your car out for a ride? I have! Well, with the new driver zone feature on the Infiniti JX, you can actually SET a perimeter for your car. IF anyone (valet, teenager, nanny etc) goes beyond your “safe” zone, the car will alert you via text message. Ah-Mazing.

So, when little Jimmy says he is just running over to his friend’s house down the street… you will know for SURE whether or not he actually went there. I’m sorry – I love this! I know there will be a few people who feel this is all very “Big Brother-ish” but I do not mind.

That’s it!! What are your thoughts on this new ride? The Infiniti JX35 starts at $40,450. For more information about the car, please visiti Infiniti.com

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