Before I go into this story, I need you to promise me something – no judgement. Ok? Pinky promise?? 🙂

Deep breath.

I know this is going to sound so ridiculous, but I spent a lot of money during a recent spa on some product. I have rosacea and am a TRUE sucker when people promise me a cure.

So, I bought these capsules recently and they were a bit pricey. And when I say pricey I mean HOLY FLIPPING EXPENSIVE. But like I said – I was promised a cure so I went with it.

When I got home and opened up the capsules, I realized the smell was all too familiar. They smelt exactly like vitamin e oil. You know the yellow pills you’ve probably taken a million times as a child. Sure, there are a few extra ingredients, but Vitamin E is absolutely the dominant one. All that money for something I could have grabbed at CVS during one of my shopping trips (probably for FREE). UGH!

So, learn from my mistake. If you are looking for a product to help hydrate your skin and add necessary nutrients to your top layer – consider buying Vitamin E capsules (and then use the $130 you saved on a new pair of shoes!!) LOL

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