Yes, I’m crying.

A few days ago, I was on a hunt for a particular set of pictures and then sort of accidentally dove into my family’s archives. Where is my baby girl? She’s pretty much a teenager at this point! This morning, she was begging me to let her wear lipstick (it didn’t happen btw but still!)… and only yesterday she was this little angel on a swing.

I remember living in this small apartment while our house was getting worked on. We had about 800 square feet but it was just enough room for Natalie to get lost. She would push herself into the tiniest nooks. And when I found her, those big blue eyes would be absorbing me right in.

Always laughing. Always screaming. Always the center of attention. Yes, nothing has changed in that department.

And that stink eye… yup – that hasn’t gone away either.

Time really does fly. It’s scary how quickly our lives flash by.

Liam is still my little guy – so I’m not as nostalgic with him. But seeing this pictures of him so young literally swells my heart.

Bill had him in seersucker pretty early on!

We were in Florida. It was raining but my little guy was still all smiles. Just like his sister. 🙂  He literally was (and still is) the easiest baby around.

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