I LOVE LOVE LOVE this outfit. It really is such a great representation of a FASHION DO. When you want to wear colors that POP like hot pink, you have to be careful what you pair it with. Sure, you can be daring and opt for a neon green or yellow… but that just isn’t my style. I like to add a splash of color here and there and the above Polyvore set is simply a dream come true. To see the break down of the outfit, click here.

Heading on vacation and looking for something a bit more daring? Then opt for a bold hot pink skirt and pair it with thin eggshell hells. Chunky jewelry and a patterned blazer will round off this look.

Is it all too much? You don’t think you’re the type of girl to walk out of your house wearing a hot pink dress? No worries – work it in through your accessories. Go for a simple base color and then add the accent with your shoes, bag or scarf.

Which of the top three looks do you prefer?

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