Bill and I have this tradition – no matter where we go we MUST buy a Christmas ornament. When we first married, it was something different. Originally, we would seek out a local artist and purchase one of his / her paintings depicting the region we were visiting. One of my hallways is filled with these sort of drawings. We, quickly, realized that we would eventually run out of room and decided to change our plans.

So, we shifted to Christmas ornaments. But after over a decade of travel together… our tree is getting a little crammed. During our Christmas party last year, one of our friends made fun of our tree and I totally got it. It looks INSANE – and it gets worse after each passing year. LOL

But – I feel like it’s an easy way to track where we’ve been and during Christmas we all sort of reminisce about the last few months of excursions.

I will probably purchase a second tree before quitting this habit. And no I’m not kidding!

Do you stock up on souvenirs when you travel? What do you buy when you visit a new location? My mother is big on salt and pepper shakers.

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