It’s been many, many months since I’ve worn a wedding ring. Last summer, I had to go to the hospital to have them cut off of my right hand. My fingers started to swell due to the heat and my finger was turning colors. It was unfortunate and even the nurse who clipped them was in shock. Then they were gone.

We don’t know if the kids were playing with them, if my husband or I accidentally threw them out while tidying up, or if our cleaning lady stole them. Either way, they are gone. I’ve been silently mourning them ever since. I refuse to buy a new engagement ring because… I’ve been married for over 10 years. I think the engagement is long over. 🙂

But I wanted a new wedding ring… and I wanted it to be special. Ironically enough, I was sent a fake eternity ring to review a few years ago and I held onto it. One day, I put it on – tilted my head – and thought, “yes, this is it. this is what I want”. So, my husband went to a jeweler and we ordered one.

When we went to pick it up last month, it was 2 sizes too BIG. My husband remembered my size incorrectly. They fell right off my finger. So, we had to reorder a 4.5. Luckily, the jeweler didn’t charge us for the mistake. I will use that man for anything and everything moving forward.

Yesterday, we went back and got my wedding band. I placed it on my finger and I told my husband I will never take it off again. And I mean it.

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