I’ve been neglecting my house for the last month or so. And when I say neglect… what I really mean is totally ignoring the fact that it’s my responsibility to keep it in order.

We look like we’ve been robbed. Plain and simple.

Yesterday, when I came home from the city after spending a few days working with P&G, I found my in-laws in my kitchen and almost passed out. I couldn’t believe my husband would let them in without making an effort to shift things into a corner at least!

Total embarrassment.

So today, my mother is coming over. Bill and I have an appointment to do our taxes this afternoon and needed a sitter. She is going to sleep over and spend time with us and the kids. I sent her an email this morning and said “Come at 8AM and bring a mop.”

I don’t own a mop. Don’t judge me.

She has no idea what she is walking into this morning. But isn’t that what moms are for?? πŸ™‚


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