I live on Long Island and am constantly asked why there isn’t a Real Housewives filming yet in my neck of the woods. It seems that Bravo has covered the rest of the country’s stereotypical regions. But Long Island has been left out… until now. Just got this casting call this morning. Please note that I am not affiliated –


Email: query-22g6@helpareporter.net

Casting a new franchise from the creators of housewives that will focus on female doctors, women married (or divorced) from doctors and even a gay couple that fits the bill as well. We want to showcase their fabulous Long Island lifestyles, benefits, charities and hectic schedules. It is wonderful exposure for their own businesses as well as their charities.


VPE: Vinnie Potestivo Entertainment is in search for Long Island’s most glamorous women for a new TV docu-series. This new docu-series will follow the fabulous lives of an elite group of women from Long Island whose lives are connected to the medical industry. The series will focus on what it’s like to BE, or BE MARRIED TO, an in-demand doctor or surgeon who is balancing a thriving career, a family, and a glamorous society lifestyle.

VPE is currently casting women between the ages of 35 and 55 who are either in the medical field or married to someone who is!

I am attaching our casting flyer for your convenience. In addition, here is the URL for our casting page on Facebook:

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