The weather is finally getting nicer! I’ve been waiting all winter to start playing tennis again and over the weekend I had the chance to do so with my hubby. I stunk… and I mean BIG TIME. Every time I hit the ball it flew to the end of the Earth. And of course – to make things worse – I would shout “I’m SORRY!!” each and every time it did. Finally Bill was like… OK I GET IT! Stop apologizing!


Anyway – I went to New Balance to see if I can get a pair of tennis sneakers AND a pair of running sneakers since I want to take up both sports this spring/summer. I didn’t LOVE the tennis sneakers because they were mainly white and I’m just not that kinda girl. Yes, I am totally superficial like that. So, I asked if there was one sneaker that could do both and I was referred to the cross trainer.

So, I bought them.

I threw those puppies on this morning and went for a run. I weighed myself last night – not good. I’m back to that damn number – the one my body thinks I should live with. Well, no thank you!

I’m not upset though – I’ve been traveling for almost a month. I’m actually surprised I maintained as well as I did. I had gelato twice a day in Italy for Pete’s sake!

But no more. I’m back to basics folks. I even started up my Run Tracker on my iPhone to see how far I ran and of course I did something wrong and it didn’t log anything.

And the funniest part – there was this woman with a sprained knee who was running circles around me. She passed me like 3 times and by the 4th I was like… COME ON! Go a different way! This is embarrassing!!

Sprained KNEE people!!! You can’t make this stuff up.

It’s all good. It’s a start. I’m going to go food shopping and grab some of my old Weight Watchers staples. You know, apple sauce, oatmeal and Crystal Light. The summer is right around the corner.

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