Of course I’m sore! I mean who the heck do I think I am running 1.5 miles after not doing anything for 6 weeks? The insides of my thighs are… crying. Holy SMOKES. Even my neck hurts which I’m not sure I completely understand. And the bottom of my back – holy hell.

But I’m not going to stop. I have tennis tonight!! I signed up with a group of my friends. Every Tuesday night I’m going to play an hour or so with about 7 friends of mine. Really excited about it too because it’s hard for me to do anything in the morning. I need this quiet time to work. When the kids go to school, I’m actually able to get 3 or 4x the amount of work done compared to when they are home.

You know how it is. We become referees, cooks, maids, doctors – you name it! 🙂

Anyway, I guess I’m one of those people that suffers from seasonal depression because I’ve been feeling SO GOOD lately and I am pretty sure it has something to do with the warmer weather. Does your mood pick up in the Spring?

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