Kids are messy. This is no secret. And as moms we do everything we can to make sure that they stay healthy and safe and presentable. I swear, if I wasn’t around to remind my children to wash their hands… they would become a science experiment!

I have an arsenal of supplies that I keep around the house to make my life a little easier. One of which are flushable wipes. Since it’s April and April is all about being green, I thought it would make sense to remind everyone that there are companies out there that are striving to lessen our impact on the environment.

Flushable wipes are great – but flushable wipes that are made of 100% virgin fibers derived from sustainable resources are even better. Scott Naturals are moist wipes with a bonus! If you are trying to take steps towards a greener life  – this is a great start. I mean, even the container and the refill pouch are made of recycled material. SCORE!

This Earth Month, SCOTT Naturals™ invites consumers to take a small step by pledging to take the 4-week test drive of its hybrid products. Simply go to and pledge to switch to SCOTT Naturals™ for four weeks. The state with the greatest participation rate will receive $50,000 donation to be applied to local conservation efforts, just another easy way one small step can lead to a big change.

 If everyone tried SCOTT Naturals™ for just four weeks, we’d save over 2 million trees.

Click here to get started.

*this is a sponsored post – all opinions are my own

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