Better late than never!

I was supposed to do this write up yesterday… but I’m sure you are aware of the technical difficulties all my sites were having. I had to let it all go and give it up to the universe. Today, thankfully, we are back online and functioning. That’s what I get for trying to update UGH

Anyway, I’ve been meaning to write about Gillette Satin Care With A Touch Of Olay Shave Gel because it’s pretty awesome. I have dry skin and it’s no secret why. I don’t drink enough water. It’s an easy enough solution – bring on the H2O! But of course, I’m a child and don’t do anything about it. I need help in the moisturizing department and this shave gel really helps.

I love that Olay is getting integrated into a number of products – really smart idea.

So, if you are like me, please check out Gillette Satin Care With A Touch Of Olay Shave Gel. You will not be disappointed. The gel leaves your legs feeling silky smooth.

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