You know how much I love Teresa Caputo – the Long Island Medium. I had the chance to attend one of her readings earlier this year – click here in case you missed it. Needless to say, I DVR her shows.

A few minutes ago, I sat down on my couch after wrapping this morning’s shift to eat lunch. I put on Teresa’s show and began to eat my orzo, broccoli and feta combo. As I was enjoying listening to her sessions, I OF COURSE began to cry.

Now, I’m eating and crying and my lunch suddenly gets jammed in my throat. I’m practically convulsing so I can’t swallow my bite full. It was… entertaining to say the least.  I actually had to pause the show, calm down and then swallow my MEAL.

So, note to self – don’t eat while watching ‘The Long Island Medium’. LOL! Does she have the same impact on you!?


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