Something really ugly came out of me this week – really, really ugly. I’m talking ‘Real Housewives of NY’ “made for TV” ugly. And ever since I spewed the nasty, it keeps repeating in my head.

What on Earth came over me?

I was a little stressed … ok a lot stressed and I began to rant to some friends about the situation which led me to get a little riled up. And then I said it – the nasty. It’s everything I am NOT. Believe me! But I guess everyone has their day and this week… my day was tarred and filled with feathers.

All last night as I vegged out and watched a movie, I kept reliving that moment and thinking – what do my friends think of me right now?? How could I have thrown that nasty on them? UGH I need a shower. I almost want to email and apologize!!!

But I’m going to just let this one slide and hopefully it will die a quick death. Who knows? Perhaps my friends thought nothing of what I said – but I can’t imagine how that would be.

Have you ever Diva-d out on someone??

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