I’m forever on the hunt for new music. Last week, I told you about Gotye, FUN and Sugarland (though Sugarland has been around for AGES). Today, I wanted to tip my hat to two new names: Alex Clare and Kina Grannis.

Yesterday, I attended the Digitas New Front and spoke on their Gamer panel which I will write about in a bit. Kina Grannis performed live at the end of the it all and I had the opportunity to listen to some of her music. Outstanding. She’s very indi, very sweet and right up my alley. If you like Ingrid Michaelson – you will love Kina.

Alex – on the other hand – I found from Shazam. Gave him a shot this morning and downloaded a few of his songs. Really, really GREAT. So intense. I had to look his picture up immediately because I needed to see what he looked like. NOT what I was thinking! A must hear.

Do you have any new bands you can’t get enough of??

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