We had a birthday party to attend today and it was nowhere near our house. It was actually in Westchester, NY – took us about an hour to get there. The place had a really great set up and my husband walked away thinking we should open something very similar in our neck of the woods.



First the kids made their own pizzas. Then they went into a huge jungle gym as a group. Once that was over, they headed into the mini-amusement park room which was filled with a handful of kid-sized rides. As if that wasn’t enough – they headed back to the party room to eat their very own pizza and then received credits to go play at an arcade. HELLO AWESOME!!!




But the whole world slowed down for Liam when he saw this motorcycle. He spent his entire card riding this puppy over and over again. I had to film him because he was just so very happy! Boys will be boys!

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