Do your children like… repetition? I almost don’t want to call it that because it’s not that my daughter will do it a few times in a row. It’s the only lunch she requests – there is no other option. She is completely content with a Arnold pocket thin Nutella sandwich. I mean… for the rest of her LIFE.

Oddly enough, I’m pretty sure I had a ham and mayo sandwich for my entire elementary career. Isn’t it funny that I won’t eat ham as an adult? I wonder why!!!? LOL

What should I do? Do I just continue on with this pattern? Or do I try to force a change on her?  It’s not an unhealthy lunch. The bread is 100 calories and we smear the Nutella on rather thinly. Her side is usually some fruit. So, it’s not that she’s eating poorly… I’m just wondering if it’s normal???

Then again… what is normal?

If you ask Natalie – she is the happiest girl on the block. She eats her sandwich like it’s the first time she’s seen it every single time! LOL.

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