Wow, how flipping cool is this?! I’m from NYC – the land of pizzerias, local pubs and fine dining.  I’ve gone to countless bars in my lifetime – none of which were of much interest. I don’t drink. So, my over-priced “coke with lemon” is just not worth the mascara.

However, I go because I like to be social and my friends like to drink. It’s the story of my life. It will never change. It is something that I have accepted regardless of how UN-FUN (yes that’s a word) it is to perpetually be the only sober person in the room.

Well, I just found a bar that I want to visit. In fact, I not only WANT to visit… but I NEED to visit. How freaking cool is this? Guinness just announced the Deep-Sea Bar – a submarine that is located in the depths of the Baltic in the Stockholm Archipelago.

Give me a freaking break!! This is ridiculous (and that’s a good thing). The Guinness Deep-Sea Bar was created to celebrate 250 years of business. What better way to party than in a bar under the ocean? Better yet – a submarine bar. I can’t handle this!

What do you think about the Guinness Deep-Sea Bar?

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