I told you I would do more of these lists! See, I’m putting in the effort as promised. Instead of beauty… I thought today I’d focus on relationships. I know many women out there would appreciate this list. Maybe even a few men. 😉

10 Ways To Ruin A Marriage

  1. Don’t communicate. Bottle up  your feelings and deflect the issue until it’s stifling.
  2. Never compliment and just assume that your spouse “knows” how you feel about their looks / humor / humanity.
  3. Stop being spontaneous. Fall into a routine and happily walk that course without offering up any surprises.
  4. Stop dating. Once the ring gets on that finger, avoid putting in any effort to ensure your spouse continues to love you.
  5. Never do anything before receiving a multitude reminders from your spouse. They love taking on a parental role, right? It’s not like they have their own things to get done. Wait for the reminders – all 100 of them before actually doing anything.
  6. Ignore your spouse’s needs… despite being told about them (over and over and over again).
  7. Pretend that your relationship is in your full control. Continue to believe what you say goes and that it won’t have any consequence of emotion.
  8. Never show your spouse that you really want them – really, really want them.
  9. Ignore major issues. They will go away on their own, right?
  10. Never change.

Have any you want to share?

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