Here’s your first look at the Monica Lipstick Collection by Dolce&Gabbana Make Up.  Inspired by Italian film-star Monica Belluci (HELLO!!!), this collection expresses confident femininity in shades of lip color.  Ready for the shade names?
  • Magnetic Monica
  • Only Monica
  • Natural Monica
  • Italian Monica
  • Chic Monica
  • Attractive Monica
The names are… interesting. I’m not sure I’m entirely sold on their direction, but the lipstick colors look spot on! I especially love the nude … err.. the Natural Monica one. Right up my alley. Though I wouldn’t be surprised if most opted for the rich red or the coral considering those are two very hot colors this season.

The Monica Collection is now available at select Saks Fifth Avenue locations nationwide.  Retail for $32.

Any one of these tickle your fancy?

Oh and this girl has more sexy in her little pinky….



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