I’ve “known” Emily and Amanda for over a year. And when I say “know” I mean in a virtual sense. These women live in Colorado and Kentucky respectively. There would be no way for me to have engaged with them in real life had it not been for conferences like SheCon.

Last night, a bunch of us went out for dinner. Audrey and I walked in the room and instantly felt like we were amongst friends. It was so nice to actually get to physically hang out with women we’ve been following and admire.

Blogging is great for many, many reasons. But the best reason is being able to meet so many different women from around the country. Aliza – the woman who put together this dinner – lives in ALASKA. How cool is that?? Not only is she a wonderful person, but she is a published author (9 times over).

I can go on and on – right around this table and blow your mind. Every story was inspirational.

We all took very different roads to get here, but here we all are breaking bread and having fun.

This is why I love to blog.

Now, if I ever get to Alaska… I know who to call up for sightseeing advice!! 🙂

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