I’m in Orlando for a few days with Audrey McClelland. We are speaking at a conference in a few hours and flew in yesterday to get settled. SheCon is turning out to be really fun! Got to meet up with some virtual friends (which I will write about in a few) and catch up with my bestie. What more can I ask for out of a business trip?

Yesterday, I don’t know what made me decide to do this – but we ended up buying the hotel’s “souvenir mug”. It was $15 and offers unlimited refills. I’ve already made my money back!! Literally! It’s so darn hot down here that you can’t help but keep drinking.

I don’t know why I never bought one of these mugs before. I’ve been to Disney a ba-zillion times over the last few years and always ignored this deal.

If you are planning on heading down to Walt Disney World – consider the souvenir mug! I have 3 days left of free drinks. You cannot beat that.

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