Seriously, how does this happen? My husband and I drover out to Tanger Outlets in Riverhead to hit up Pottery Barn, Restoration Hardware, and West Elm. We are buying a King Size bed and are trying to save money in the process. The original bed I wanted is actually over $2,000! I had no idea! I was accidentally just pricing out the headboard. Oh my goodness!!!

Anyway, we found a nice one out East and Bill will probably have to make a trip back without me to bring it home. We need to borrow his father’s truck I think. Hopefully, it will still be there! Either way, we walked away empty handed.

Well, sort of.

Naturally, since we were there…. I asked to go into a few of my favorite stores. We popped into JCrew and I fell in love with this paisley skirt. All skirts were on sale – 40% off. So, I got this puppy for $34. I’m pretty excited!

Then I walked over to crewcuts. Most of Natalie’s headbands are from this brand. They are just so CUTE. I also found these on sale for $8 – so I snagged three. We don’t get out there too often.

No bed – but I have a skirt to wear this weekend. 🙂 LOL

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