Wow. I had no idea the game of golf was so… hard. Truthfully, I’ve been sort of silently mocking people who play the sport. I have a few friends that practically play every weekend and always thought it was ridiculous. But there is real skill required to properly swing that club.

Oh and PS – I paused for about 30 seconds to remember the word club right there. Yeah, I’m not 100% invested yet.

But my interests are peaked. I learned two swings yesterday. One of which was harder than the other. The form is very precise. There are so many little things to remember. AND THEN YOU HAVE TO CONNECT WITH THE BALL.

I might take a second session of these lessons. I am going to next weeks and then I think I am going to miss the last two which totally stinks but I won’t be here! UGH. At least I have next week!!

But I’m a girl who likes a challenge. And I will do this until I can feel comfortable on a course. I’m glad I took that lesson.

Here’s my quick video update.

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