Yes, I’m still taking lessons. I’m always so out of place at the music academy. I’m surrounded by children and moms who are waiting for their children. And then there’s me… LOL

It’s all good.

We are working on two new songs – ‘All of Me’ and ‘Somewhere Over the Rainbow’. I just need more time to rehearse. I figured this summer will be great because while the kids are playing in the backyard, I can strum outside with them.

Oh how my neighbors are going to hate me. LOL

Anyway – for this week’s Fashion Friday post, I thought I’d break down my outfit.

This dress is from Target – I bought it two years ago. Unfortunately, it’s not available anymore but they have the same look in a different pattern.

Then I’m wearing a black crop cardigan like this one from Old Navy.

And while you can’t see my shoes, they are also from Target.

Pretty cheap outfit all in! No jewelry because it interferes with my music lesson.

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