Let me walk you through what’s going on here.

I’m trying to get clean. I’ve taken myself off all of the daily medication I’ve been on the last two years and have stopped drinking sugary drinks. I’ve also stopped with my black tea / lemonade concoctions and have since switched to water and Crystal Light.

I love Crystal Light. It’s the only diet drink that doesn’t actually taste like diet. I HATE Diet Soda or Diet tea. BUT Crystal Light (lemonade, pink lemonade or fruit punch) are just fine. I can’t tell they are fake.


The last three days I’ve been going non-stop with Crystal Light and I started to get MAJOR headaches. It could be the weather – it’s been pretty bad with the rain and the sinus pressure triggers. But there’s something inside of me that’s saying it’s all this diet stuff I’m intaking.

So I’m so confused now.

Which is worse?

Should I go back to drinking black tea with a splash of lemonade (which means I take in a TON of caffeine each day and sometimes have a hard time going to sleep)


Should I stick with the Crystal Light and continue to put fake stuff into my system? Doing this I sleep great – I can go to bed with no problem. However, I am VERY ANTI-DIET. VERY, VERY ANTI-DIET. I don’t believe in these foreign, unnatural chemicals. I feel like my body is telling me this is wrong???

Caffeine vs. diet

Which is worse?? I’m seriously having a hard time with this!!!!????

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