That is it! The soccer season is over and my poor little Liam no longer will have the opportunity to play with his friends on the field. We all had a lot of fun… but I’m looking forward to getting our Saturday afternoons back. His game time was 12:45 which meant that you couldn’t do ANYTHING that day. By the time we came home and showered, it was practically time to start cooking dinner.


I really loved watching Liam with his best bud on the field. Natalie wasn’t really into sports at his age so it was a new experience for me.

Once the game was over, we headed to Soccer Fest – which is the end of year celebration. It included bouncy houses, slides, sand art, tattoos and more!! Kids were in their glory.

Looks like everything is wrapping up! Next week tennis wraps for the kids too. Then it’s the four of us and some lounge chairs at the pool. I CANNOT WAIT!!!!!!!!!



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