You know this isn’t my first time at a range. But BOY what a different experience. I’m away on an overnight girl’s vacation right now. It’s our second annual – we go away each year to celebrate Mother’s Day. Our husbands gift us this trip and I look forward to it every single time. We’ve already picked out our next location and it’s a GOOD ONE!! 🙂

But I’m supposed to be talking about guns – so let me get right to it.

This spa resort has many, many activities on property because it also caters to families. Unfortunately, it’s been raining the last two days. Most of the things I wanted to do aren’t going to happen due to the weather.

The shooting range was not a problem though. Indoors fun.

Well, this was a VERY different experience than the last time I went. The first time I went, we had a 2 hour class on gun safety. This time they threw up some bullets and showed us the door. I didn’t have my goggles on for half the time because I forgot and then someone pointed it out to me and I freaked.

They even let you video! So we did.

I think out of 30 rounds I hit two things. And it was like a carnival. Things were moving or swinging. No bullseye to take home as proof of action.

But we laughed and had a good time. And for $7… you can’t beat it!

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