Diet glasses? Really?

A scientist in Japan has developed something that he thinks will combat the obesity issues society has been having as of late. No, it’s not the magic little pill. It’s diet glasses.

Basically, the glasses make the person wearing them THINK they are eating more. These diet glasses sort of magnify the image of the snack and make you feel like you are consuming more than is in your hand. You can make your snack look like it’s 50% bigger even!  A study showed that participants ate about 10% LESS while wearing them.

Trickery. Smoke and mirrors. Anything to fool the mind to believing it is eating more than it actually is.

Here’s the question though. Would you ever wear these diet glasses? What will the scientists in Japan think of next? Imagine all restaurants handing these out before you sit down to your table? I don’t see it.

Is it a step in the right direction? Or are diet glasses too sci-fi for your taste?

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