I’m having my son’s birthday party at home this year. We wanted to invite his classmates and it’s just too expensive to do it all at a place. So, we rented a slide and plan on having fun in our backyard.

I made the mistake of asking Liam if he wanted a theme. He said Star Wars.

I said ok.

This was BEFORE looking into the whole thing.

There are so many amazing Star Wars themed birthday parties online. I’m talking full blown / out of control / over the top celebrations. Women making R2D2 cakes. WHAT? Dads using paper mache to make a Death Star pinata. HUH? I just don’t have the time to even THINK about doing that – forget about actually doing that.

I can, of course, just go to Party City and buy the Star Wars party pack and call it a day. There’s cups, plates, and a few signs.  Or should I take this to the extreme and do what my little boy wants.

It’s making me sick just thinking about it! LOL

In my head, I think the slide is enough. But then there’s this little voice telling me to do it because it’s his birthday.

UGH – what should I do?

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